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Lanthanoids and actinoids.

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LanthanoidsActinoids1. Electronic configuration [Xe]4f1145d01,6s21.Electronic configuration [Rn]5f1146d01,7s22. Differentiating electron enters the 4f subshell.2. Differentiating electron enters the 5f subshell.3. Except Promethium all other elements occur in nature.3. Except Uranium and Thorium, all others are synthesized in the laboratory.4. Binding energy of 4f electrons is higher.4. 5f-orbitals have lower binding energy.5. Only Promethium is ratio active.5. All elements are radioactive.6. Besides 3+ oxidation state they slow 2+ and 4+ oxidation states.6. Besides 3+ oxidation state they shoe 2+, 4+, 5+, 6+, 7+ oxidation states.7. They have a less tendency to form complexes.7. they have greater tendency to from complexes.8. The colour of the lanthanoids ions is not as deep and sharp as actinoids.8. Colour of actinoids is deep, e.g.U3+is red andU4+is green.9. Lanthanoids cannot from oxocations.9. Actinoids from oxocations such asUO 2+2,PuO +2,UO 2+2,PuO 2+2.10. Lanthanoid hydroxides are less basic.10. Actinoid hydroxides are more basic.11. Lanthanoid contraction is relatively less.11. Actinoid contraction from element to element is comparatively more.12. Mutual shielding of 4f electrons is more.12. Mutual shielding effect of 5f electrons is less.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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    In the modem periodic table, periods_____and contain Lanthanoides and Actinoides.

    A3 and 4
    B6 and 7
    C4 and 5
    D5 and 6
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    Select the correct statements (s) for the comparision of lanthanoids with actinoids.

    AActinoids contraction is greater from element to element due to poor shielding by 5 f electrons
    BMagnetic properties of actinoids are more complex, with corresponding lanthanides having higher values
    CLanthanoids have higher I.E.
    DAll of the above