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State the assumptions of the kinetic theory of gases.

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Assumptions of the kinetic theory of an ideal gas :
(1) A confined gas of a pure material consists of an extremely large number of idential molecules.
(2) The molecules are in constant random motion with various velocities and obey Newton's laws of motion.
(3) A gas molecules can be treated as an ideal particle, i.e., it has mass but its structure and size can be ignored as compared with the intermolecular separation in a dilute gas and the dimensions of the container.
(4) Intermolecular forces can be ignored on the average so that the only forces between the molecules and the walls of the container are contact forces during collisions.
(5) The collisions are perfectly elastic conserving total momentum and kinetic energy, and the durations of a collision is very small compared to the time interval between successive collisions.
(6) Between successive collisions, a gas molecule travels in a straight line with constant speed.

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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