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Evaluate the following :
π/203secx3secx+3cosec xdx

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Let I=π/203secx3secx+3cosec xdx …(1)
We use the property, a0f(x)dx=a0f(ax)dx
Hence in I, we change x by (π/2)x. Then
I=π/203sec[(π/2)x]3sec[(π/2)x]+3cosec [(π/2)x]dx
=π/203cosec x3cosec x+3sec xdx ...(2)
Adding (1) and (2), we get,
2I=π/203secx3secx+3cosec xdx+π/203cosec x3cosec x+3secxdx
=π/203secx+3 cosec x3secx+3cosec xdx=π/201dx=[x]π/20
=(π/2)0=π/2 I=π/4.