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Find k, if the slope of one of the lines given by kx2+4xyy2=0 exceeds the slope of other by 8.

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Comparing the equation
kx2+4xyy2=0 with ax2+2hxy+by2=0, we get,a=k,2h=4,b=1.
Let m1andm2 be the slopes of the lines represented by kx2+4xyy2=0.
and m1m2=ab=k1=k
We are given that m2=m1+8
2m1=4 m1=2 ...(2)
Also, m1(m1+8)=k
(2)(2+8)=k ...[By(1)]
12=k k=12.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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