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Using vectro mehod, prove that in a ABC,asinA,bsinB=csinC where a,b,c are the lenths of the sides opposite to the angles A,B and C respectively of /_\ABC.

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Choose A as the origin , the X -axis along the line AB and the Y -axis perpendicular to the X axis through the origin A. Since A<180 , C is above the X -axis Draw CM perpendicular to X -axis metting it at M.
Even though angle A is drawn as an acute angle , the proof is same even if the angle is obtuse.]
l(AB)=c B(c,0)
l(AC)=b C(bcosA,bsinA)
Now select AB along the X-axis is such that B as origin and A is on the negative side of X -axis.
B is (0,0) and CB makes an angle of (πB) with the positive side of X -axis.
From (1) and (2) , we get ,
Similarly , we can prove that bsinB=csinC

Updated on:21/07/2023

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