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Write the negation of each of the following statements :
(1) All students of this college live in the hostel.
(2) Some real numbers are not complex numbers.
(iii) nN,n+7>6
(4) The kitchen is neat and tidy.
(5) xA such that x+5>8
(6) 6 is an even number or 36 is a perfect square.

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The negations of the given statements are :
(1) Some students of this college do not live in the hostel.
(2) All real numbers are complxe numbers.
(3) nN, such that n+76.
(4) The kitchen is not neat or it is not tidy.
(5) xA,x+58
6 is not an even number and 36 is not a perfect square.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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