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A steel tube of length 1.00 m is struck at one end. A person with his er close to the othr end hears the sound of the blow twice one travelign through the body of the tube and the other through the air in the tube. Find the time gap between the two hearings. Use the table in the next for speeds of sound in various substances.

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The correct Answer is:B

Here, s=7m
So, t=t1t2=(133015200)

Updated on:21/07/2023

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    An organ pipe of effective length 0.6 m is closed at one end . Given that the speed of the sound in air is 300m/sec , the two lowest frequencies for the pipe are

    A250 Hz, 750 Hz
    B250 Hz , 500 Hz
    C125 Hz, 375 Hz
    D125 Hz , 250 Hz
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    An air column in a resonace tube of length 1.5 m resonates with a source of frequency 125 Hz, when the water level in it at a certain height from the bottom of the tube. What is the height of water level corresponding to the fundamental frequency ?
    ( Neglect the end correction and speed of sound in air is 330 m/s)

    A1.2 m
    B0.5 m
    C0.84 m
    D0.42 m
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