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The force of cohesion and adhesions between


melecules of same material and molecules of different kinds of material


molecules of same material


molecules of same material


None of the above

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The correct Answer is:A

The force of chesion is between molecules of same kind force of adhesion isin between molecules of different kind.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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    The force of cohesion is

    Amaximum in solids.
    Bmaximum in liquid
    Csame in different matters.
    Dmaximum in gases.
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    The forces of cohesion in liquid helium are

    Cvan der waals
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    Force of cohesion develops due to

    AAttraction between similar molecules
    BAttraction between different molecules
    CSurface tension at the interface
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    AThe covalent linkage between atoms
    BThe electrovalent linkages between atoms
    CThe lack of exchange of valency electrons
    DThe exchange energy of mobile electrons
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    ARainy day
    BFoggy morning
    CSunny day
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    Bthe liquid will not wet the solid
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    Bthe angle of contact will be obtus
    Cthe liquid will descend in the capillary tube
    Dthe liquid will wet the solid

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