For what value of k are the points (k, 2 - 2k) (-k + 1, 2k) and (-4 -k, 6 2k) are collinear?

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Let the three given points be A(x1,y1)(k,22k),B(x2,y2)(k+1,2k), and C(x3,y3)(4k,62k).
If the given points are collinear, then Δ=0, i.e.,
or k(2k6+2k)+(k+1)(62k2+2k)+(4k)(22k)=0
or k(4k6)4(k1)+(4+k)(4k2)=0
or 4k26k4k+4+4k2+14k8=0
or 8k2+4k4=0
or 2k2+k1=0
or (2k21)(k+1)=0
i.e., k=12 or 1
But for t=1/2, the first two points are coincident. Hence ,K=1.

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