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Explain why a green solution of potassium manganate turns purple and a brown solid is precipitated when CO2 gas is bubbled into the solution.

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(i) Iodide (I) ion is a stronger reducing agrent than chloride (Cl) ion. Consequently , iodie reduce Cu2+ ion ( of CuI2 ) to Cu+ ion thereby converting CuI2 to CuI, i.e.,
Hence [CuI4]2 does not exist.
(ii) SnCl2 is a reducing agent . It reduces agent. It reduces HgCl2 to Hg2Cl2 and then to Hg according to the following reactions :
(iii) CO2 on passing through aqueous solution forms H2CO3 which dissociates to give H+ and HCO3 ions.
In presence of H+ ions , MnO24 ion undergoes disproportionation to form purple coloured MnO4ion and the brown solid to MnO4
(iv) Yellow solution is due to formation of Na2CrO4 as follows :
2Cr(OH)3Green ppt.+4NaOH+3H2O22Na2CrO4Sodium chromate (Yellow solution)+8H2O
(v) FeCl3 solution on standing undergoes hydrolysis to form brown Fe2O3.xH2O
2Fe(OH)3Fe2O3.3H2OHydrated ferric oxide (Brown )

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