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Calculate the enthalpy change accompanying the transformation of C(graphite) to C(diamond). Given that the enthalpies of combustion of graphite and diamond are 393.5 and 395.4 KJ respectively

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We are given (i) C (graphite) +O2(g)CO2(g),ΔcH=393.5kJmol1
(ii) C (diamond) +O2(g)CO2(g),ΔcH=395.4kJmol1
We aim at C( graphite ) C ( diamond) ,ΔtransH=?
Subtracting eqn. (ii) from eqn. (i), we get
or C(graphite)- C (diamond) 0,ΔrH=393.5(395.4)=+1.9kJ

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