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Determine whether or not each of the definition of given below gives a binary operation. In the event that is not a binary operation, given justificantion for this.
(i) On Z+, define * by a * b = a- b
(ii) On Z+, define * by a * b = ab
(iii) On R,define * by a * bab2
(iv) On Z+, define * by a *b =|ab|
(v) On Z+, define * by a* b = a

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In Z+,ab=ab
Given operation is not binary.
(ii) In Z+,ab=ab
The product of every two positive intergers is a positive interger.
Given operations is binary.
(iii) In R, ab=ab2
The square of every real number is always a real number.
(iv) In Z+, ab=a
The modulus of the difference of every two positive integer.
Given operation in binary.
(v) InZ+, ab=a
For each a,bZ+
Given operation is binary.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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