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In zincblende structure, zinc atom fill up


All octahedral holes


All tetrahedral holes


Half number of octahedral holes


Half number of tetrahedral holes

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The correct Answer is:D

Properties of ionic solid

Updated on:21/07/2023

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    In zinc blende structure anions are arranged in ccp and cations are present in the tetrachedral voids and only half the tetrahedral voids are occupied,
    the coordination numbers of cation and anion are respectively

    Azinc ions occupy half of the tetrahedra sites
    Beach zn2+ion is surrounded by six sulphide ions
    Ceach S2 ion is surrounded by six Zn2+ ions
    Dit has fcc structure
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    In zinc blends structure the coordination number of Zn2+ ion is

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    The arrangement of sulphur in zinc blende and wurtzite structures , respectively are

    Ahexagonal close packing and cubic close packing
    Bcubic close packing and hexagonal close packing
    Csimple cubic packing in both the structures
    Dhexagonal close packing in both the structures