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The density of ice is 0.918gcm3 and that of water is 1.03gcm3. An iceberg floats with a portion of 224m3 outside the surface of water. Find the total volume of the iceberg.

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The correct Answer is:2060

Density of ice, ρ=0.918×103kgm3
Density of water ,ρ.=1.03×103kgm3
Let volume of the iceberg =Vm3
Then volume of water displaced
Weight of iceberg = Weight of water displaced
or Vρg=v.ρ.g
or v×0.918×103×g=(V224)×1.03×103×g
or V(1.030.918)=224×1.03
or V=224×1.030.112=2060m3

Updated on:21/07/2023

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