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When is International Day of Happiness 2022 Date Theme History Significance

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You must be happy and sad at times, but did you know that there is a "International Day of Happiness" to recall and remind us that happiness is vital and that various organisations are fighting to achieve it? The United Nations believes that happiness is the most essential aspect of a person's existence, and in 2015, it launched 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which included goals such as ending poverty, decreasing inequality, and protecting the environment. And thus comes the celebration of “International Day of Happiness”. We tend to live longer and be more productive the day we recognise the importance of happiness. During the 66th General Assembly, Bhutan chose Gross National Happiness over Gross National Product as its important goal. Keep Calm, Stay Wise, and Be Kind is the topic for International Day of Happiness 2022, implying that staying calm and making wise judgments leads to happiness, while being kind to others helps us grow together. So, tell us what other major concepts you believe should be included as the parameters for a better life besides “International Day of Happiness”.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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