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Examine any five factors affecting the location of industries in India.

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Five factors responsible for indusbial location:
(i) Availability of raw material at low cost.
(ii) Goverrunent policies.
(iii) Availability of specialized labor.
(iv) Availability of markets and services facilities like Banking, Transport etc.
(v) Availability of power.
(vi) Any other relevant point to be explained with example.
Detailed Answer:
The location of industries depends on a number of physical and socio-economic factors among which following are the major ones:
(i) Availability of raw material: Large quantities of raw materials are needed for industries. Therefore, industries are located near the source of raw materials. It saves the cost of transportation. Steel centres are developed where coal and iron are easily available. Jute mills in West Bengal and the cotton textile mills in Maharashtra are located due to the availability of raw materials.
(il) Availability of power resources: Coal, oil and water power are the main sources of power. Most of the industries are located near coal fields. Aluminium industries and paper industries are located near hydroelechic stations.
(iii) Availability of means of transportation: Modern Industries need cheap,developedandquick means of transportation. Cheap means of transportation are required for the movement of workers, raw materials and machinery to the factories.
(iv) Climate: Stimulating climate increases the efficiency of the labourers. The cotton textile industry requires humid climate. The film industry needsgood weatherwith dearblue skies. Similarly, the aircraft industry also needs clear weather.
(v) Availability of skilled labor: Cheap and skilled labor is essential for the location of industries. Glass industry at Firozabad and the sports goods industry in JaJandhar are located due to the availability of skilled labor.