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Which of the following is elements common in plant and animal cells ?




Cell Wall





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The correct Answer is:D

Mitochondria, Lysosome, Endo plasmic reticulum, Cell membrane, Golgi apparatus, Peroxisomes, Nucleus, Cytosol are the common elements in plant and animal cells.
The most important function of mitochondria is to produce energy through the process of oxidative phosphorylation. It is also involved in the following process : It regulates the metabolic activity of the cell and promotes the growth of new cells and celf multiplication.
It helps in detoxifying ammonia in the liver cells and plays an important role in apoptosis or programmed cell death.
• Responsible for building certain parts of the blood and various hormones like testosterone and Estrogen.
• Mitochondria help in maintaining an adequate concentration of calcium ions within the compart ments of the cell and also involved in various cellular activities like cellular differen tiation, cell signalling, cell senescence, controlling the cell cycle and also in cell growth.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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