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Inheritance pattern of ABO blood group in human shows dominance, co-dominance and multiple allelism. Explain each concept with the help of blood group genotypes

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Dominance : It is the phenomenon where one allele expresses itself exclusive of the presence of other allele, The alleles JA and JB both are dominant over allele i as JA and JB forms antigen A and antigen B respectively but i does not form any antigen. . .
Co-Dominance : It is the phenomenon when the F1 generation resembles both the parents, and both the parental characters are expressed simultaneously. Both the alleles JA and JB are co- dominant as both ofthem are able to express themselves in the presence of each other in blood group AB (JAJB) by forming antigen A and B.
Multiple allelism : It is the phenomenon of occurrence of a gene in more than two allelic form on the same locus. The ABO blood groups in humans are determined by three different allelic forms Ia,Iband i.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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    ABO blood group have :

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