Explain any five steps taken by the central and state governments to improve Indian agriculture after independence.

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Various initiatives taken by the central and state governments to ensure the increase in agricultural production after independence are as follows.
  • Collectivism, consolidation of holdings, cooperation and abolition of zamindari, etc. were given priority to bring about institutional reforms in the country after independence.
  • Land reforms were the main focus of the First Five Year Plan.
  • The Green Revolution based on the use of package technology and the White Revolution (Operation Flood) were some of the strategies initiated to improve Indian agriculture.
  • Minimum Support Price Policy, provisions for crop insurance, subsidy on agricultural inputs and resources such as power and fertilisers, Grameen banks, Kissan Credit Card (KCC) and Personal Accident Insurance Scheme are some of the reforms brought by the government.
  • Establishment of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), agricultural universities, veterinary services and animal breeding centres, horticulture development and weather forecast etc. were given priority for improving Indian agriculture.
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