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For many decades, amniocentesis has been misused in several parts of India for determination of the gender of the foetus. People in many regions have shown an uncanny preference for a male child. Female foeticide has thus been rampant in these regions. However, the original purpose of Amniocentesis was much different and was actually beneficial.
Amniotic fluid can be utilised for checking:


Gender of the foetus


Down's syndrome


Sickle cell Anaemia


All of the above

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The correct Answer is:D

Amniocentesis is a technique that is used for the prenatal diagnosis of genetic disorders such as haemophilia, down.s syndrome, sickle cell anaemia, etc. This technique is also used to determine whether the foetus will survive or not.
In this technique a small sample of amniotic fluid of the developing foetus is taken out and the foetal cells are analyzed for any kind of genetic abnormalities.
As through this technique sex of the foetus can also be determined, this technique is being misused for sex determination. Therefore, this results in killing of the female foetus (female foeticide) after knowing the sex of the developing foetus. Thus this technique is banned in gender biased countries.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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