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A calorimeter of negligible heat capacity contains 100 g water at 40C. The capacity contains 100 g water at 40C. The water cools to 35C is 5 min. If water is now replaced by a liquid of the same volume as that of water at the same initial temperature it cols to 35C in 2 min. Given specific heats of water and liquid are
4200Jk1C1 and 2100Jkg1C1
respectively. Find the density of liquid give the answer in kgm3. [Assume Newton law of cooling is applicable]

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The correct Answer is:800


Updated on:21/07/2023

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    A calorimeter contains 10 g of water at 20C. The temperature falls to 15C in 10 min. When calorimeter contains 20 g of water at 20C, it takes 15 min for the temperature to becomes 15C. The water equivalent of the calorimeter is

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