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Modern periodic table is based on


atomic mass


mass number


atomic number


electronic configuration

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The correct Answer is:C

The fundamental basis for modern periodic table is atomic number not atomic mass. Hence, it is more accurate.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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    Modern periodic table has :

    A18 groups and 7 periods
    B8 periods 7 groups
    C7 periods 8 groups
    D7 groups and 18 periods
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    Modern periodic law is based on

    Aatomic mass
    Bmass number
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    Periodicity in the properties of elements in modern periodic table is due to

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    Bperiodicity in the electronic configuration of atoms of elements
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    The base of modern periodic table is

    Aatomic weight
    Batomic number
    Catomic volume
    Datomic energy

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