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Describe the process of digestion in man.

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Food is broken down by teeth, rolled by tongue and acted upon by saliva to form a paste.
This food reaches the stomach where gastric juice from gastric glands is secreted.
Gastri juice contains - HCl, Pepsin and mucus.
Pepsin digests proteins, HCl kills germs.
From stomach semi digested food reaches the small intestine where it mixes with bile juice from liver and pancreatic juice from pancreas.
Pancreatic juice has -Trypsin which completely digests protein into peptones and peptides. Amylase digests starch.
Lipase digests fats into fatty acids arid glycerol.
Bile emulsifies fat and changes the medium of food from acidic to alkaline. Finally digested food is absorbed by the walls of the small intestines lines by villi.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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