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Give Lewis structures and formulae for the ionic compounds formed between the following pairs of elements:
(i) Ba, Cl (ii) Na, S (iii) Mg, F (iv) Na, P

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From the charges on the ions, the number of positive and negative ions in the compound can be found out. This gives the formula.
(i) Ba:,:..Cl..:Ba2+Cl (ions)
Lewis formula :[Ba]2+2[:..Cl..:] or BaCl2
(ii) .Na:..S..:Na+,S2 (ions)
Lewis formula : 2[Na]+[:..S..:]2, or Na2S
(iii) .Mg,...F..:Mg2+,F (ions)
Lewis formula : [Mg]2+[:..F..:] or MgF2
(iv) .Na,...P..:Na3+,[P]3 (ions)
Lewis formula : 3[Na]+[:..P..:]3, or Na3P

Updated on:21/07/2023

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