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State two key points of Bohr's atomic model.

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(i) In an atom, the electrons revolve around the nucleus in certain definite circular paths called orbits. (ii) Each orbit is associated with definite energy and therefore these are known as energy levels or energy shells. These are numbered as 1, 2, 3, 4 ... or K, L, M, N ...

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    In Bohr's atom model,

    Athe nucleus is of infinite mass and is at rest
    Belectrons in a quantised orbit will not radiate energy
    Cmass of electron remains constant
    DAll of the above
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    According to Bohr's atomic model

    Aelectron on H atom can have only certain values of angular momentum
    Belectrons have a particle as well as wave character
    Catomic spectrum of atom should contain only five lines
    Dall the above statements are correct
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    According to Bohr's atomic model

    Athe electron radiates energy only when it jumps to inner orbit
    Ban atom has heavy, positively charged nucleus
    Cthe electron can move in particular orbits
    Dall of these