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In an ionic bond, the cation tends to polarize the electron cloud of the anion by pulling electron dens towards itself. This causes development of covalent character in the ionic bond because the electron dens gets localised in-between the nuclei. The tendency of the cation to bring about the polarization of the anion expressed as its polarizing power. The ability of ion to undergo polarization is called its polarisability. The polarising power of a cation or an anion is decided on the basis of Fajans' rules.
The ionic conductance of which of the following is the highest?
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L i + ( a q )


N a + ( a q )


K + ( a q )


C s + ( a q )

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The correct Answer is:D

Charge density of C s + ( a q ) is the lowest in group 1 ions, so it is less hydrated. Hence, ionic conductance of C s + ( a q ) is the highest.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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