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During Searle's experiment zero of the Vernieer scale lies between 3.20×102m and 3.25×102m of the main scale The 20th division of the Vernier scale exactly coincides with one of the main scale divisions When an additional load of 2kg is applied to the wire the zero of the Vernier scale still lies between 3.30×102m and 3.25×102m of the main scale but now the 45th division of Vernier scale coincies with one of the main scale division THe length of the thin metallic wire is 2m and its cross -sectional area is 8×107m2 The least count of the Vernier scale is 1.0×105m The maximum percentage error in the Young's modulus of the wire is .

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The correct Answer is:4

Using searle's method young modules is calculated
Only Δl calculations have error % error of

Updated on:21/07/2023

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