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Multiple Fisssion in Amoeba. Under unfavourable conditions, Amoeba, withdraws its pseudopodia and secretes a three layered thick covering-the cyst wall around itself. This phenomenon is called encystment. On return of favourable conditions the encysted Amoeba divides by multiple fission and produces many minute amoebae called pseudopodiospores. On return of favourable conditions the cyst wall ruptures to release the pseudopodiospores in the surrounding medillin to grow up into many amoebae.
Sometimes Amoeba produces a number of spores or ensheathed amoebae. The phenomenon is called sporulation. Spores take part in both dispersal and perenuatiou (living for a long time). Under favourable conditions each spore gives rise to a small Amoeba.
(b) Multiple Fission in Plasmodium (Malarial Parasite), In Plasmodium multiple fission occurs in the schizont (round unicellular structure present in liver cell and RBC of the man) as well as oocyst present on the stomach of female anopheles mosquito called as sporogony and daughter individuals are call sporozofres.When multiple fission occurs in schizont, the process is calied schizogony and the daughter individuals are called merozoites.

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