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Noise pollution may cause partial hearing impairment.

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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  • Question 1 - Select One

    Noise pollution can cause

    Chearing impairment
    Dall of these
  • Question 2 - Select One

    Noise pollution causes:

    Aconstriction of blood vessels
    Bincrease of heart rate
    Cdilation of pupil
    Dall of the above
  • Question 3 - Select One

    A child with hearing impairment

    Awill not benefit from academic education only and should be given vocational training instead
    Bcan do very well in a regular school if suitable facilitation and resources are provided
    Cwill never be able to perform on a par with classmates in a regular school
    Dshould be sent only to a school for the hearing impaired and not to a regular school