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If t+t+t15+t+t+t=225 Find the sum of first 24th term of that A.P?Solution in Punjabi

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Let P(n)=11+12+.....+1n
Let us assume that
P(k)=11+12+.....+1k>k is true for n=k+1.
=11+12+.....+1k+1k+1>k+1k+1=k(k+1)+1(k+1)>k+1(k+1) [k(k+1)+1>k,k0]
By mathematical induction statement -1 is true , n2 .
Now , let α(n)=2(2+1)=6<3
Let us assume that α(k)=k(k+1)<(k+1) is true
for n=k+1
LHS =(k+1)(k+2)<(k+2) [(k+1)<(k+2)]
By mathematical induction Statement - 2 is true but Statement -2 is not a correct explanation for Statement -1.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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