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A woman has a daughter. There are three men whom she claims might have been the father of the child. The judge in the paternity court orders that all three men, the child and the mother to have blood tests. The results are mother, Type A, daughter, type O, Man #1, Type A, Man #2, Type B, Man #3, type 0. The mother claims that this proves that Man #3 must be the little girl's father.
(a) Is the mother correct? Why or why not?
(b) The judge is not satisfied, so he asks the medical records of the people involved. He discovers that the little girl is colorblind. Men # 1 and 2 are also colour-blind, Man #3 has normal vision, as does the mother (Note: colour-blind is X-linked and recessive). Assuming that one of these three men must be the father, can you now determine which of the three it is?

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Man # 3 can be the father of the child since he is homozygous recessive with blood group. There is a chance that even man # 2 can be the father since he can be homozygous for blood group B or heterozygous for blood group B.
Man # 2

Updated on:21/07/2023

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