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Asexual reproduction is


A fusion of specialized cell


A method by which all types of organisms reproduce


A method producing genetically identical offspring


A method in which more than one parent are involved

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The correct Answer is:C

Updated on:21/07/2023

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  • Question 1 - Select One

    Asexual reproduction os common in

    Bunicellular organisms
    Cmulticellular organisms
    Dnone of the above
  • Question 2 - Select One

    Asexual reproduction in hydra in referred to as _______

    AVegetative propagation
    CMultiple fission
  • Question 3 - Select One

    $ Agamospermy is the process of Asexual reproduction.
    ! Asexual reproduction occurs only in Algae.

    AIf both As and R are correct and R is correct explanation of As
    BIf both As and R are correct but R is not correct explanation of As
    CIf As is correct, R is wrong
    DIf both As and R are wrong.