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During SN1 reaction mechanism of alkyl halides, the change observed is


retention of configuration


inversion of configuration


both retention and inversion of configuration


retention of geometry

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The correct Answer is:C

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    Q. SN1 reaction of optically active alkyl halides leads to

    Aretention of configuration
    Cinversion of configuration
    Dnone of these
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    As SN2 reaction at an asymmetric carbon of a compound always gives:

    Aan enantiomer of the substrate
    Ba product with opposite optical rotation
    Ca mixture of diastereomers
    Da single stereoisomer.
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    In the solvolysis of 3-methyl-3-bromohexane, which of the following statements is not correct?

    Ait involves carbocation intermediate
    Bthe intermediate invovles sp2 carbon
    Cpolar solvents accelerate the reaction
    Dit involves inversion of configuration
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    Alkyl halides can participate in both SN1andSN2 reactions depending upon their anture and conditions. The reactivity order in the three types of alkyl halides is the reverse in SN1 reactions than what we observe in SN2 reactions. Apart from that, there is inversion of configuration in case of alkyl halides when they participate in SN2 reactions. on the other hand, partial or complete racemisation occurs in SN1 reactions.
    Q. SN1 reactions take place much more rapidly in polar solvents than in non-polar solvents. this is because of hydration of nucleophile.

    Aby the electron rich oxygen atoms of solvent (H2O) molecules.
    Bstabilisation of carbocation y the electorn rich oxygen atoms leading to solvation.
    Cboth are correct.
    Dnone is correct.
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    The SN1 mechanism for the hydrolysis of an alkyl halide to an alcohol involves the formation of __________.

    Acarbonium ion
    Bpentavalent carbon in the transition state
    Dfree radical
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    In the nucleophilic substitution reactions (SN2 or SN1) the reactivity of alkyl halides follows the sequence.


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