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Renu wanted to carry out electrolysis of water. When she completed the circuit, she observed some bubbles forming near the electrodes in the electrolytic cell.
What caused the formation of bubbles at the two electrodes?Explain.

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The formation of bubbles is caused due to evolution of oxygen and hydrogen gas at anode and cathode,respectively.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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  • Question 1 - Select One

    Products of electrolysis depend on the nature of material being electrlysed and the type of electrodes being used. If the electrode is inert (e.g., platinum or gold), it does not participate in the chemical reaction and acts only as source or sink for electrons. On the other hand, if the electrode is reactive, it participates in the electrode reaction. thus, the products of electrolysis may be different for reactive and inert electrodes.
    Aqueous copper sulphate solution and aqueous silver nitrate solution are electrolysed by 1 ampere current for 10 minutes in separate electrolytic cells.
    In these question, a statement of assertion followed by a statement of reason. choose the correct answer out of the following choices.
    Q. Assertion (A): At equilibrium condition Ecell=0 or ΔrG=0.
    Reason (R): Ecell is zero when both electrodes of the cell are of the same metal.

    AAssertion and Reason both are correct statements and reason is correct explanation for assertion.
    BAssertion and reason both are correct statements but reason is not correct explanation for assertion.
    CAssertion is correct statement butreason is wrong statement.
    DAssertion is wrong statement but reason is correct statement.
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    The process of using an electric current to bring about chemical change is called electrolysis.Electrolysis is a processes of oxidation and reduction at the respective electrodes due to external current passed in the electrolyte.
    The product obtained during electrolysis depends on following factors.
    The nature of the electrolyte
    The concentration of electrolyte
    The nature of the electrode.
    Consider the electrolysis of following cell containing aq. solution of CuSO4,ZnCl2 and MBr2 by using pure silver rod as a cathode and Pt electrode as anode.Assume that M2+ does not further oxidise and can not form complex with NH3 Assume no hydrolysis of any ion.
    What will be the volume of gases formed at anode at STP by electrolysis of above solution after passing 20 amp current for 28950 sec. (Assume current efficiency to be 100% and one mole of gas occupies 22.4 L volume at STP).