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State any three advantages and disadvantages of friction.

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Advantages of Friction :
(i) Had there been no friction, it would be difficult to walk and run on the ground. So, friction enables us to walk and run
(ii) Friction enables us to hold things
(iii) Friction enables us to write anything on a surface with a writing material.
Disadvantges of Friction
(i) Friction produces heat in various parts of machines which results in loss of useful energy
(ii) Friction opposes the motion
(iii) Due to friction, noise is also produced in machines.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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    Choose the correct option for each question. There is only one correct response for each question.
    Which of these is both an advantage and a disadvantage of friction?

    AFriction causes wear and tear
    BFriction helps us to walk
    CFriction helps us to write
    DFriction produces heat