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Match the following
Match the following


A-a, B-b, C-c, D-d


A-d, B-c, C-b, D-a


A-d, B-a,C-b, D-c


A-d, B-b, C-c, D-a

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The correct Answer is:C

A-d : When a body with density more than the density of liquid is immersed, the volume of the displaced liquid is equal to the volume of the solid.
B-a : One quintal =100 kg
But one kg =1000 g
One quintal =100×1000g
One quintal =105g
C-b One tonne=1000 kg
But one kg =1000 g
One tonne =1000×1000g
And one g=1000mg
One tonne =1000×1000×1000mg
One tonne =109mg
D-c : kgwt m2=kgwt/m2
kgwt is unit of force and m2 is unit of area.
Force per unit area is called pressure.
kgwt m2 is the unit of pressure.