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An electric heater and an electric bulb are rated 500W. 220V and 100W, 220V respectively. Both are connected in series to a 220V d.c. mains. Calculate the power consumed by (i) the heater ana (ii) electric bulb. Solution in Gujrati

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P=V2R or R=V2P
For heter, Resistane Rh=(220)2500=96.8Ω For bulb resistance R1=(220)2100=484Ω
Current in the circuit when both are connected in series I=VRL+Rh=220484+96.8=0.38A
(i) power consumed by heater =I2Ph=(0.38)2×96.8=13.98W
(ii) Power consumed by bulb =I2RL=(0.38)2×484=69.89W

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