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Read the story titled “WISE FARMER” and tick the correct option to complete the story.
A farmer was sad/happy to see his healthy wheat crop ready for harvest. He harvested the crops and left it under the sun/rain to dry the stalks. To separate the seeds from the bundles of the stalk he handpicked/threshed them. After gathering the seed grains he wanted to separate the stones and husk from it. His wife winnowed/threshed them to separate the husk and later sieved/hand picked to remove stones from it. She ground the wheat grains and sieved/ filtered the flour. The wise farmer and his wife got a good price for the flour. Can you tell why?

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i) happy ii )Sun iii )threshed iv) winnowed v) handpicked vi )sieved .They got a good price as they used appropriate methods of separation to get good quality of flour.

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