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In ABC, a point P is taken on AB such that AP/BP=1/3 and point Q is taken on BC such that CQ/BQ=3/1 . If R is the point of intersection of the lines AQandCP, ising vedctor method, find the are of ABC if the area of BRC is 1 unitSolution in Tamil

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The correct Answer is:139 sq. unit

Taking A as origin let bandc be the postion vectors of B and C , respectively,
The position vector of Q is 3b+c4 and that of p is b4
ifARQR=λ1 then position vector of R = λ(3b+c4) ltbRgt if CRRP=μ1 then position vector of R = μb4+cμ+1 (ii)
comparing (i) and (ii) , we have,
solving , λ=413andμ=12
Therefore, position , vector R is 3b+c13
ABCandBRC have the same base. there area are proporotional to AQ and RQ
Area of ABC is 13/9 units.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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