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What is composting? How is vermicompost preapred? Why compost is called good manure?

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1. Composting is the process in which biodegradable waste materials like livestock excreta such as cow dung vegetable waste, animal refuse, domestic waste, sewage waste, straw, eradicated weeds etc is colected, stored in pits and then allowed to decompose.
2. The pits in which the composting is done are called composting pits.
3. When composting is added by using live earthworms, it is called vermicomposting.
4.Due to earthworm.s activity the compositing process occurs rapidly.
5. Composting gives rise to rich maure, popularly known as compost. It is rich in organic matter and nutrients.
6. Such manure increases the water holding capacity of soil.

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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