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Why bone and cartilage are called connective tissues ? Describe the structure of bone and cartilage.

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( 1 ) Bones and cartilages are made-up of cells which are embedded in a special matrix, therefore they are called connective tissues.
(2) Structure of bone : Bone is a strong and non-flexible tissue. Bone cells or osteocytes are embedded in hard matrix which has calcium and phosphorus compounds. Mammalian bones have Haversian canals containing blood vessels and nerve fibres. Osteocytes are present in the Haversian canals. Osteocytes have slender processes which are in contact with each other by canaliculi.
.(3) Structure of cartilage : Cartilage is a flexible connective tissue. Its cells are called chondrocytes. They are embedded in a hyaline matrix made-up of proteins and sugars.

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