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(a) Write the functions of the following parts in human female reproductive system:
(i) Ovary (ii) Oviduct (iii) Uterus
(b) Describe the structure and function of placenta.

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(i) Production of female hormone (Oestrogen and progesterone
(ii) Production of female gamete or egg.
(i) Transfer of female gamete from the ovary.
(ii) Site of fertilisation.
(i) Implantation of zygote or embryo.
(ii) Nourishment of developing embryo.
The embryo inside the mother.s body gets nourishment through the placenta.
Placenta is a special disc like tissue embedded in the mother.s uterine wall and connected to the embryo. Placenta provides a large surface area for glucose and oxygen, and nutrients to pass from the mother.s blood to the embryo.

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