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A man deposited Rs 10000 in a bank at the rate of 5% simple interest annually. Find the amount in 15th year since he deposited the amount and also calculate the total amount after 20 years.

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Amount deposited in 1st year in account =Rs10000
At the beginning of second year
Amount in the account =Rs10000+Rs10000×5×1100=Rs10500
Similarly, amount in the account at the beginning of third year = Rs 10500+ Rs 500 = Rs 11000
The series so formed : 10000, 10500, 11000,...
Here a =10000, d= 10500-10000=500
Amount deposited in 15th year =a+(n1)d
Amount deposited after 20 years i.e., in 21st year =a+(211)d

Updated on:21/07/2023

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