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The enthalpy changes at 298K in successive breaking of OH bonds of water are
H2O(g)H(g)+OH(g),ΔH=498kJ mol1
OH(g)H(g)+O(g),ΔH=428kJ mol1
The bond enthalpy of OH bond is:

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The correct Answer is:463

Bond energy is the average energy required to break each bond of the same type in compund.
ΔHav=498+4282=462 kJ mol1

Updated on:21/07/2023

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    Dissociation of water takes place in two steps :
    H2OH+OH, ΔH=+497.8kJ
    OHH+O, ΔH=428.5kJ
    Water is the bond energy of OH bond ?

    A463.15 kJ mol1
    B428.5 kJ mol1
    C69.3 kJ mol1
    D926.3 kJ mol1