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The correct Answer is:2

Tangents at the endpoints of latus rectum meet the directrix on the -axis at (–2, 0)
Δ1=Area of ΔABQ=12(8)(212)=6,Δ2= Area of ΔCQR
Now , tangent at point A(2,4) is 4y=4(x+2)ory=x+2
Also , tangent at point P(12,2) is 2y=4(x+12) or y=2x+1
Solving for Q and R , we get Q(1,3) and R(-1,-1)
Hence , area of ΔCQR is 12∣ ∣∣ ∣111131201∣ ∣∣ ∣=12(3+2+6+1)=3
Hence , the ratio of area is 63=2.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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