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H 2 S in the presence of H C l precipitates I I group but not I V group because:


H C l activates H 2 S


H C l increase concentration of C l -


H C l decreases concentration of S 2 -


H C l lowers the solubility of H 2 S in solution.

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The correct Answer is:C

H 2 S 2 H + + S 2 - , H C l H 2 + + C l -
Due to common ion effect, the ionisation of H 2 S is suppressed and thus low concentration of S 2 - ions is obtained This much of S 2 - ions concentration is enough to precipitate only I I n d group cations (because of the low K S P of I I n d group sulphides)

Updated on:21/07/2023

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