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Pure water can be obtained from sea water by:

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The correct Answer is:We are to dtermine physical state of acetic acid in two solvents :
(a) Acetic acid (AcOH) in water (Ac is CH3OCO⎟ ⎟
PH2O2=23.756 Torr , nH2O=10018mol
So, dissociation of CH3COOH take place in water.
(b) Acetic acid (AcOH) in benzenen
Pc6H06=70.0 Torr, nAcOH=5mAcOHmol
By Raoult's laq PC6H06PsolventPC6H06=(nAcOH)=nAcOHnC6H6
this gives mAcOH=113.1gmol1
This value is just double of the theoretical molecular weight (60.0gmol1)
Thus, there is association of AcOH in C6H6 by intermolecular H bonding
(We can altternately first determine 'i' (van't Hoff factor) and then Y.


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