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In a school compost pit was dug as a part of the observatíon of the world Environmental Day. The length of the pit is 3 metres breadth 2 metres arid the depth is 212 metres. It was decided to spread the soil dug out from the pit in the newly built garden. The length of the garden is 15 metres and breadth is 3 metres. Inwhat height can the soil be spread in the garden. Solution in Malayalam

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Volume of the soil dug out from the compost pit =3 xx 2 xx 2 (1)/(2)=15 cu.m<br>Area of the garden =15×3=45 sq.metre
Șo, the height of the soil be spread in the garden =15 .+45metre=(1)/(3) metre

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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