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Give an account of Bentham and Hooker's classification of plants. Solution in Telugu

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Bentham and Hooker divided the flowering plants into three classes namely Dicotyledonae, Gymnospermae and Monocotyledonae. Dicotyledonae was divided into three subclasses namely polypetalae Gamopetalae and Monochlamydae. Polypetalae was divided into three series namely Thalamiflorae, disciflorae, Calyciflorae.
Thalamiflorae includes 6 order, disciflorae with 4 orders and Calyciflorae is with 5 orders. Gamopetalae was divided into three series namely Inferae (3 order) Heteromerae (3 orders) and Bicarpellatae (4 orders). Monocotyledonae was divided into seven series. Thus they grouped the flowering plants into 202 natural orders now called as families. Of these 165 families belongs Dicottyledonae, 3 to Gymnospermae and 34 belong to Monocotyledonae.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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