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Below is given a passage followed by several possible inference which can be drawn from the facts stated in the passage. you have to examine each inference seperately in the context of the passage decide upon its degree of truth or falsity and choose your answer accordingly from amongest the alternative provided thereafter.
Rabies is a disease transmitted of man and animals through the bite of rabies-infected animal most commonly by dogs. It is caused by a virus present in the saliva of the infeted animal which gets deposited in the wound of the bite victim multiplies and travels towards brain and spinal cord. If not trated about half of such cases develop rabies. Symptomps of the disease start one to three months after the bite, Very few laboratory tests are available for the diagnosis of rabies in India. Precautionary measures include prompt washing of the dog bite wound with soap and water. The wound is also treated with cetavion: tincture of iodine or spirit.
The saliva of the house dogs should be periodically tested for the detection of rabies.
(a) Probably true
(b) Probably false
(c] Definitely true
(d) Data inadequate
(e) Definitely false

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(d) Data inadequate

Updated on:21/07/2023

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